Super SLIM GOLD Natural


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Box with 28 x 1 caps with the mixture of compounds.
  • 4-week supply pack
  • for healthy weight loss
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LESS is MORE! This is not a diet, it is a long-term change of your body and lifestyle!
For extremely efficient weight control, slimming, reduction of cholesterol and detoxification

Revolutionary formula developed by Prof. B. Strukelj, MPharm, PhD
GLUCOMANNAN + HOODIA Extract + GARCINIA CAMBOGIA extract + vitamins C, B1, B12, folic acis

  • Zero calories
  • 100% NATURAL
  • NO GMO
  • With sweetener


Product information

Super SLIM GOLD Natural is a dietary supplement for reducing and maintaining body weight. Besides, this unique product enables the reduction of bad (LDL) cholesterol in the organism and removes toxins and metabolites from the intestine. The most potent natural ingredient in the product is glucomannan, which contributes to reducing and maintaining body weight and lowering cholesterol. Glucomannan is a natural, water-soluble dietary fiber obtained from the roots of the plant Dioscorea elephantipes. The synergistic effect of the product is achieved by the addition of Garcinia cambogia and Hoodia parviflora extracts.

SUPER SLIM GOLD NATURAL is a dietary supplement for creating a slim figure and for weight management. The herbal formula, developed by the eminent Slovenian Master of Pharmacy, an expert in the usage of the medicinal herb, prof. dr. Borut Štrukelj, reduces bad LDL cholesterol and removes toxins from the body.

Taking a dietary supplement 15 minutes before a meal reduces the need for food, so you eat less. You can lose weight even more successfully if you drink one dose of a dietary supplement instead of a meal. Two doses of SUPER SLIM GOLD NATURAL per day (the content of two caps dissolved in two-quarters of a liter of water) can help to reduce body weight at the expense of reducing fat significantly. In this way, you may lose four to five kilograms per month. Once you reach the desired body weight, SUPER SLIM GOLD NATURAL is ideal for maintaining the body weight and regulating digestion.

Alpha-hydroxycitric acid in the extract of Garcinia cambogia is essential, and it stimulates the metabolism of fats in the liver within the redistribution of fat reserves. Hoodia parviflora extract is added to the product to increase efficiency.

The product we consume as a drink has a pleasant taste; all the ingredients are entirely natural. There are added vitamins C, B1, B12, folic acid for a balanced metabolism, extra energy, and strengthening the immune and nervous system.

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