For extremely efficient weight control and slimming and reduction of cholesterol

Revolutionary formula developed by Prof. B. Strukelj, MPharm, PhD
GLUCOMANNAN + HOODIA Extract + GARCINIA CAMBOGIA extract + vitamins C, B1, B9, B12

Unique product, scietifically confirmed, the only accepted by European Food Safety Agency (EFSA)!

  • Zero calories
  • 100% NATURAL
  • NO GMO
  • BIO

Product information

SUPER SLIM GOLD NATURAL is a dietary supplement for reducing and maintain the body weight. On the top, unique formula was developed by Prof. Borut Štrukelj, MPharm, Ph.D enables reduction of bad (LDL) cholesterol in organism and removing of toxins and metabolites from intestine. The unique, 100% natural mixture is composed of extracts from plants Hoodia parviflora and Garcinia cambogia, but the most efficacious is glucomannan which is the only natural compound recognized by European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) as ingredient for reducing and maintaining body weight.

Consumption of dietary supplement 15 minutes before the meal decreases the need for food, therefore intake of food is substantially lower. The slimming effect is even better if we use one dose (bottle with plug) of SUPER SLIM GOLD NATURAL instead of meal. By consumption of two doses (two bottles with mixture of ingredients in a plug), two meals are replaced with this dietary supplement that contains zero calories. As a consequence this leads to substantial decrease of body weight over time of one month. On average, by the recommended method, one may loose up to 4 kg per month!

After balancing the body mass, two bottles of the product during the whole day is a perfect solution to maintain body weight. Besides, SUPER SLIM GOLD NATURAL balances the digestion, removes toxins and other metabolites from intestine. Extracts from plants Garcinia cambogia (alpha-hydroxy citric acid) and Hoodia parviflora synergistically help in metabiolism of body fat. Product has a pelasant fruity taste without any preservative and with addition of vitamis C, B1, B9 and B12 that play important role in metabolism, immune system and nervous system.

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IngredientsContent% RDA
Glukomannan1500 mg/
Erythritol610 mg/
Citric acid220 mg/
Extract of plant Garcinia cambogia130 mg/
Vitamin C100 mg100%
Natural tangerine aroma20 mg/
Extract of plant Stevia rebaudiana15 mg/
Extract of plant Hoodia parviflora4.5 mg/
Vitamin B11 mg100%
Vitamin B90.4 mg100%
Vitamin B120.003 mg100%

*RDA= recommended daily intake

Instructions for use

Recommended daily dosage: two caps 2.6g
Caution: do not exceed the recommended dosage.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a dry place. Suitable for pregnant and nursing women.
Supplements should not be used instead of a varied balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Remove plastic seal from the cap
  2. Turn and Push the cap
  3. Dissolve cap contents into liquid
  4. Shake well for 5 sec before use
  5. Consume immediately