About the inventor

Prof. Borut Štrukelj, PhD is a full professor at the Department for Pharmaceutical Biology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Ljubljana, where he leads the group for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. At the Jozef Stefan Institute, he is a member of the biotechnology and molecular biology group. Using post-doc EMBO award, he worked at the CPRO-DLO, PRI Institute for plant molecular biology in Wageningen, Netherlands.

Prof. Dr. Štrukelj published a significant number of over 150 scientific and professional articles, among them over 140 in the important international scientific journals. He is a member of many Slovene and international pharmaceutical and biomedicine associations. In the year 1991, he was awarded for his scientific contribution in the field of molecular biology by the Kidirč award. In the years 2007 and 2017, he got the most prominent national awards for his excellent scientific contribution (Zois award, Zois premium award).

Since 1996 he has worked as an expert in European Pharmacopoea in a Group for biological pharmaceuticals (till 2004) and an expert at the European Agency for Medicines in London (EMEA, from 2004-2012). In the year 2010, he got the Fulbright Award for visiting professorship at the Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA. Borut Štrukelj is editor-in-Chief of national pharmaceutical journal Farmacevtski vestnik and a member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms. Latest eight years, his group formulated more than 10 different dietary supplements for various dietary purposes.

Personal Story

Personal Story

In the past, predominantly after my 40th year period, I had some problems with body weight. Simply, less physical work, many stress situations, and uncontrolled food intake together increased my body weight. I tried several diets until I found the golden rule:

”It is all about the food intake behaviour!”

One small piece of cake is as tasty as half of the cake! Simply, I change my food intake regime so that I escape from all snacks between meals, that I eat only one or two (not heavy) meals!

As a result, I feel excellent, I increased my physical bodywork for one hour daily, and in 6 months, I lost more kilograms! So, I succeed as soon as I changed my mind from diet to the life change regimen. Moreover, now, I simply maintain my weight with one hour of exercise every second day. I have much more energy than before, and, most importantly, I feel happy when I buy brand new pair of jeans or jacket that fits me well. It is easy – try and be persistent! Change your food intake behaviour!

Yours, Borut Štrukelj